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Solar has fast become a household staple for South Australian families. In SA we have the highest electricity costs in Australia and these are only getting higher. To take control of how much you pay for your future energy needs, investing in solar for your home is the smart and obvious decision. Not only will it keep your money in your pocket, and can even be used to offset the price of your household gas bill, it is clean energy which is an investment in our environment. 

At Solar Energy Adelaide, we work with you to custom design a system which is affordable for you and which is best suited to your household energy needs. 

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Benefits of Solar Power In Adelaide

There are so many great reasons to pursue residential solar power installation in Adelaide. 

Save Money

No more scary bills at the end of a freezing winter or roasting summer: Solar works by powering your house whilst the sun is shining and feeding any unused electricity back into South Australia’s grid. This is how solar keeps your energy bills down! 

When the sun is shining, the solar that is produced by your system is first used to power your home. The excess solar that is produced is fed back into the state’s electricity grid. For this solar fed back into the grid you receive credits. These credits are then used to offset the electricity you purchase from the state’s electrical grid when the sun is not shining such as at night time. Depending on your electricity and gas provider, credits can also be added to your gas bills, giving you even further savings.  

Whilst installing a solar system requires an initial investment, the savings you will see can pay that investment off in a small number of years.

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Environmentally Sustainable

No fossil fuels are necessary to power your home: choosing solar helps you reduce your carbon footprint by reducing harmful gases that build up in our atmosphere and contribute to climate change. Solar utilises a natural and free resource that Adelaide already has in abundance to power your home. It is sustainable and totally inexhaustible, protecting the environment for our kids’ future. 

Types of Residential Solar Systems

When choosing a solar system for your home, you have two main types of systems to choose from. All our systems can be tailored to your household needs and budget.

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Grid-Connected Systems

These systems keep your home connected to the main power grid to provide backup electricity during evenings or after periods of minimal sunshine. Your solar inverter will ensure all of the power your solar panels have generated is utilised first before drawing any electricity from the grid. Should you generate excess power a grid-connected system also allows you to feed power back into the grid and earn credits with your energy provider towards any future bills.

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Solar & Battery system

With this system your solar will simultaneously power your household needs whilst charging your battery. Once your battery is fully charged it will release the excess energy that your panels produce into the electricity grid, gaining you solar credits. When the sun sets on another day your battery will provide power to the house and be reading charge to be ready for charging again come the next morning. 

Beyond these set-ups, you will need to also choose the preferred capacity of the system, something the experts at Solar Energy Adelaide can readily assist with.

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Is Solar Installation Affordable?

At Solar Energy Adelaide we offer affordable and fully customisable solar power systems and installation in Adelaide. Solar power installation is more affordable than ever, costing as little as $3,000. 

For the average Australian household, the initial investment of installing solar power in Adelaide is recovered in between 2-3 years of use.


Why Choose Us?

At Solar Energy Adelaide, we are passionate about providing affordable solar power in Adelaide. We want every homeowner, no matter their budget, to enjoy its benefits and start saving money on their power bills. 

At Solar Energy Adelaide, we keep up to date with the latest in solar technology to provide you with the best quality products at competitive prices. 

We have years of experience installing customised solar systems and delivering exceptional customer service. Call Adelaide’s solar power experts today on 0458 957 309 to get a quote.

We work on commercial solar systems, as well as offer solar system installation and repairs.

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