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What is a solar battery & why is it important?

Utilising solar panels is an excellent way to power your home with renewable energy by creating your own electricity supply instead of relying solely on the South Australian electricity grid. Solar energy will greatly reduce your electricity consumption from the grid, leading to cost savings on your energy & no more scary electricity bills.

A solar battery is an additional asset that can be installed with your solar system – either during the initial solar installation or it can be installed onto an existing solar system. A solar battery will store the excess electricity generated by your solar panels, so you can utilise this renewable energy to power your home at times when the sun is not shining. This stored electricity would otherwise be sold back to the South Australian electricity grid. Solar batteries are an ideal way to gain energy independence and protect you & your family from surging power price rises

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Your home solar system comprises of two main components – the solar panels themselves, and the inverterter. The solar panels absorb sunlight which is then converted into the right kind of electricity to power your home nad appliances via the inverter. It’s key to make sure your panels and inverter both have the capacity to handle the amount of energy your home needs.

When more solar energy is generated than your home appliances need, a solar battery system will direct that energy to the battery for later use. This energy is stored, ready to be utilised when the solar panels are not generating (eg: at night time) or when the power demand of your home exceeds your solar production. Once the battery has been emptied, the South Australian electrical grid will resume its role of supplying power to your home until the sun rises again.

Can you add a battery to an existing solar system?

You may be wondering if it is possible to add a battery energy storage system to your existing solar system.

The short answer is yes, but you may not get all that a solar battery has to offer. You can retrofit a battery to any existing solar system but it is crucial to have a solar expert inspect your existing system so they can match the correct size battery with your existing system.

When retrofitting a battery system you may not have any protection against power blackouts. Some systems will give you temporary blackout protection via battery backup circuits, but extended blackout protection will not be possible with a retrofitted solar battery system.

What battery is best to use?

What battery is best to use will be dependent on your situation. Just about all residential batteries installed in Australia at the moment are Lithium-ion.

A lithium-ion-phosphate battery is always a good starting point as this is one of the safest lithium-ion batteries on the market. Always choose batteries from reputable brands such as Q-Cells, Senec, Sungrow, Alpha ESS or BYD. A ten-year or 8000 cycle warranty is always a plus, as it will provide you with peace of mind should any issues arise in the future.

Stackable modular batteries have recently come to the Australian market and are a great way to future proof your battery investment. This is because the size of the battery can easily be increased whenever you need by simply having your solar-battery technician add an additional module. To add a module will only take a solar-battery technician around 30 minutes, so it is also a cost effective way to increase your battery storage capacity.

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Is investing in solar batteries worth it?

As Australia moves towards a renewable energy-based economy, the uptake of solar batteries is transforming how energy distribution works.

This presents an excellent opportunity to get involved and take advantage of the various government rebates available, which can help reduce the upfront costs of installation.

Should I add a solar battery for EV charging?

As the demand for electric vehicles rises, Australia will need to undergo a complete infrastructure overhaul in our cities and homes to facilitate the shift from oil to electricity consumption in transportation.

Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, owning an electric vehicle can also lead to significant cost savings. By integrating a smart solar battery system with a solar charging station, you can use the energy produced by your household solar panels that have been stored during the day to charge your car when you arrive home from work, without worrying about expensive electricity costs during peak times. 

Additionally, powering your electric vehicle with solar-generated electricity means a smaller carbon footprint and no CO2 emissions. For those with higher energy demands or those looking to go completely off-grid, upgrading the solar system and increasing battery storage may be necessary, along with considerations for the type of electric vehicle, its charging speed, and daily driving habits.

It is important to note that when considering solar storage batteries, owners must also factor in that electric car chargers can draw significant amounts of electricity very quickly and over extended periods. Therefore, any solar battery system should provide fast discharging and long battery life.

How is solar energy installed

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