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Our customised commercial solar solutions will improve your business energy efficiency and reduce operating costs

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Seeking a cleaner and more affordable energy solution? Solar Energy Adelaide is a trusted provider of high-quality solar systems to both metropolitan and rural South Australia. Our team is committed to helping homeowners save on their power bills through affordable, tailored solar systems that suit their needs and budget.

Our Solar Energy Systems

Whether its a residential or large commercial premises, Solar Energy Adelaide have a solution for all requirements and budgets.

Silver 6.6kw Solar System

Standard Install Cost



Trina 18x 397w

12 Years Production, 25 Years Performance


5kw Growatt

5 Year Warranty, free Additional 5 Year Extension

98% Efficiency Rating

External Monitoring via iPhone & Android app

Gold 6.6kw Solar System

Standard Install Cost


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Seraphim Blade 370w

12 Years Production, 25 Years Performance


Sungrow 5kw SG5K-D Premium

5 Year Warranty, free Additional 5 Year Extension

98% Efficiency Rating

External Monitoring via iPhone & Android app

Platinum 6.6kw Solar System

Standard Install Cost


platinum solar package adelaide


Leapton 28 x 370w

12 Years Production, 25 Years Performance


Fronius Primo 5kw

5 Year Warranty, free Additional 5 Year Extension

98% Efficiency Rating

European designed and manufactured

Shade Buster System – Solar Edge 6.6kw

Standard Install Cost


shade solar system adelaide


Seraphim Blade 330w

15 year warranty



5kw Solar Edge HD Wave

12 Year Warranty


Solar Edge P370w Optimisers

25 Year Warranty

The Kids Are Never Leaving 10.36kw System

Standard Install Cost



Leapton 28 x 370w

25 years production, 25 years performance

Additional low light performance


Massive DC lnput capability up to 13.5Kw

97.7% efficiency rating

‘Goodwe’ Winner of PV Magazine’s Best Inverter



Why Install Solar? 

 Installing solar just makes sense. Solar is a clean source of energy, derived entirely from a free natural resource – the sun. There are so many reasons to install solar with Solar Energy Adelaide including:

The Environment

Installing a quality solar system from Solar Energy Adelaide at your home helps to combat our dependence on fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions are one of the leading contributors to global warming.

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Adding Value to Your Home 

With energy prices continuing to rise, adding solar to your home adds both value and appeal to future buyers. A buyer may indeed be willing to spend more knowing they are less likely to receive large power bills as an owner.

Saving Money

Solar installation offers a great return on investment with the initial outlay easily covered during the lifetime of your system. As a free energy source, solar energy also drastically reduces your power bills. Excess electricity can also be fed back into the main grid to provide credits on your next electricity bill. 

Unsure which energy provider to work alongside? At Solar Energy Adelaide, not only do we install tailored, high-quality solar systems, we match you with the ideal energy provider to ensure your savings are maximised. You can begin saving money the moment your system is switched on.

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Government Rebates

There is a range of government rebates available depending on your circumstances, your licensed and accredited installer can guide you through which are applicable for your home and situation.  

Put simply, there has never been a better time to install solar at your home.

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Services We Offer

As part of our comprehensive and personalised service, we undertake a full assessment of your property prior to recommending the ideal system for your home. 

To begin with, we take into account your usual electricity usage and the position of your home and its capacity for generating energy through solar. We then work with you to fit the optimal system for maximum energy generation that meets both your budget and the needs of your family. 

Our end-to-end services for residential and commercial solar systems in Adelaide include:









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Why Work With Us?

With over a decade of experience in the solar energy field, Solar Energy Adelaide has extensive knowledge and is committed to providing honest, genuine and high-quality service. We aim to simplify the solar purchasing and installation process, ensuring our customers get the best value for money and the ideal system for their needs. Unlike many competing solar energy companies, we will never sell you an expensive system you do not need or that isn’t designed correctly for your property. 

We used only the latest technology to assess your home and design the appropriate solar energy system for your home. We happily discuss the various options available and support you to make an informed decision about which system will be the most budget-friendly and effective, with zero compromises on quality. 

Our teams are friendly, reliable and trustworthy. As fully accredited installers with the Clean Energy Council, we value your business and take pride in helping you harness the benefits of solar energy for your home. 

To learn more or book your obligation free consultation, contact the experts at Solar Energy Adelaide today on 0458 957 309.

Recent Solar Reviews

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Nick McAvaney


Great solar install at Unley Park. Presented a much better placement and better quality panels/batteries than the alternatives and used.

Wally Radley


Highly recommend SEA Solar Energy Adelaide. From quoting to installation, Reefe was honest, reliable and very knowledgeable. We were impressed at our panel placement and his quality workmanship. Very affordable.

Talia Giglio


Highly Recommended!! Get your Solar with Solar Energy Adelaide. I was so impressed with the wonderful level of service. The quality of the installation and workmanship was to my expectations. System was fully installed on the agreed date, with no issues or nasty variations. I was connected to the Grid on the day. Keep up the great work!

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