Solar System Repairs Adelaide

If your home requires solar system repairs in Adelaide, contact Solar Energy Adelaide. Our team has the skill and experience required to get your solar system back up and running in no time.

Reasons Your Solar System May Need Repairs

Each component within your system – even your solar panels – may require replacement at some stage. Solar panels have a lengthy lifespan and generally come with a warranty that lasts between 10-25 years. Panels that have been damaged in transport or installed poorly however can develop hot spots over time, which greatly reduces their efficiency. If your solar panel has failed, then it’s likely you may not even know it.

The parts of your solar system that can also experience issues are the inverter, electrical panels, display panel or worn-out terminals. An experienced solar system repair technician will quickly be able to troubleshoot the cause of the issue and work out the correct repair.

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Solar System Maintenance Adelaide

Following the ‘solar boom’ of 2005-2011, we are seeing more and more older systems in need of repairs. This is simply due to the systems aging and becoming outdated against more modern solar technology. In some instances, the rush to install so many systems during this time also led to poor quality installation which can over time lead to systems failing. All solar systems need checkups and regular maintenance but we especially recommend that systems more than 10 years old have a thorough safety and maintenance check to ensure they are working safely and at their full potential. 

Systems installed pre-2011 qualified for a 44 cent per KW/H feed-in tariff. This tarif is tied to the address until 2028. Something to keep in mind when considering a repair to your system is that if you need to replace the system and can do it without increasing the size of the system, you can still maintain the 44 cent feed-in tariff.

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Inverter Replacements

Your inverter is the key to transferring sunlight into usable energy, transforming the direct current electricity (DC) into alternating current electricity (AC). AC current is what is required for your household circuitry. Should your inverter malfunction, the energy generated by your panels will not be accessible for use by household circuits or feed back into the grid. 

Replacement of Damaged Components

Malfunctioning display and control panels, worn out terminals, corrosion in panels, electrical faults and more can all cause various issues with your solar system. Worn out terminals especially are a huge fire risk and pose a danger to your home if not replaced. We understand that waiting on parts for these repairs can be frustrating. As part of our commitment to solar system repairs in Adelaide, we endeavour to keep essential replacement parts accessible at all times to avoid lengthy repair times.

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Why Choose Us?

At Solar Energy Adelaide we are passionate about making solar energy accessible and affordable for all Australians. Our solar system cleaning in Adelaide along with our maintenance and installation services ensure that every household can enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

Should you experience challenges with your solar system, our team offers rapid solar system repairs in Adelaide. We are adept at troubleshooting and problem solving, allowing us to pinpoint and repair issues with your solar system in a timely manner.

From our $200 panel test and check to more complex repairs, we are the solar team you can trust. Call us today to book.

We work on residential and commercial solar systems, as well as offer solar system installation.

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