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Considering commercial solar in Adelaide for your business?

At Solar Energy Adelaide we offer affordable, customised solar installations that save you money. 

Are excessive electricity bills denting your business’ bottom line? As the cost of energy prices continue to rise in South Australia, investing in solar is the sensible way to control and manage the cost of your future energy needs and reduce your overheads. With increased recognition of the need to combat climate change, solar energy also allows your business to market a clean energy policy.

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When you get in contact with us, our specialist installers provide you with a comprehensive report on the estimated financial and environmental savings you stand to make, allowing you to run the numbers and get a sense of how beneficial it will be for your business before you commit. 

Aside from the financial benefits, you will also be contributing to a better future for Australia and our planet through the reduction of fossil fuel use. Increasingly, consumers are choosing ‘green’ or eco-conscious businesses as a priority, meaning solar adds to your business appeal.

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Why Install Solar For Your Small Business?


Cost effective for your business


Initial installation is tax deductible


Return on investment from energy production will reduce expenses – if business mainly operates during peak times, you will be using most of the solar you are producing which will dramatically cut your bill.


Clean energy is a good marketing look in today’s political climate

Solar just makes sense from a business perspective. Not only is the initial solar installation considered a tax deduction but the ongoing energy you generate goes a long way to eliminating hefty electricity bills that can weigh down a business. Taking control of your electricity is especially crucial in South Australia, where our energy prices continue to soar and we can face blackouts especially during our peak times.

The best part about it is that most businesses operate during sunlight hours when solar energy is available so for over 60% of the year, especially those peak times, businesses can take advantage of free electricity all day.


Will Solar Generate Enough Energy for My Business Needs?

Our skilled installers use cutting edge software and satellite imagery to pinpoint the ideal positioning of panels for optimal performance. They will assess your current energy usage and compare it with the estimated energy you stand to generate by installing commercial solar at your Adelaide business. A customised system will then be recommended to meet these needs

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Why Choose Us?

As a small locally owned business, we understand the challenges of running a profitable enterprise, particularly when you have to maintain premises. This is one reason why Solar Energy Adelaide is so passionate about making solar energy accessible and affordable for every business owner. 

Our goal as your solar energy installer is to design and install a system that achieves maximum energy generation, using quality products at a reasonable price, allowing you to eliminate one of your larger expenses and put those funds towards growing your business. 

We use only the best products proven to withstand the harsh South Australian climate and ones that deliver fast, efficient energy to your business with the peace of mind that Solar Energy Adelaide will be there with any post sales services. We tailor your solar installation to suit your needs, your budget and your business and back up all our installations with a quality guarantee. 

Set your business up with fast, efficient, customised commercial solar in Adelaide from the experts at Solar Energy Adelaide. Call today on 0458 957 309 to book your solar energy consultation.

We work on residential solar systems, as well as offer solar system installation and repairs.

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