How is Solar Energy Installed?

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A solar energy system can not only help you to live a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle, it can save you significant costs on your energy bill each year. If you’ve been asking yourself the question “how is a solar energy system installed?”, read on to discover what you can expect and the factors to consider when going solar at your home.

Mounting System

The mounting system will need to be installed to fix the solar panels onto the roof. Your roof type will need to be considered as it determines the technique & materials used in this part of the process. A tile roof will require some tiles to be removed and tile brackets are screwed into the roof rafter before the tile is reinstated. A tin roof is able to use existing roof screws to hold tin brackets in place, while a flat roof will require either specialized Klip Lock brackets to be installed or a  free-standing tilt frame to be built. Next rails are attached to the brackets or frame, then panels are clamped into place using specialized solar clamps

Solar energy mounting hardware

Solar Battery

If you choose to include a solar battery with your system, this will allow you to store the power your panels generate for later use – however it will affect the type of inverter your installer uses for your system, for example a hybrid inverter, and where the inverter and battery are located.

  • Add value to your home – Solar panels are a great investment. The more that are installed, the greater the value of your home.
  • Become energy independent – With a battery, you can store excess solar energy and cut your reliance on electricity grids.

Solar Energy Installation

Solar Panels

Next, the solar panels are secured onto your rails locking the whole system into place. The panels capture the sun’s solar rays during the day which is then converted into energy (electricity) that’s used to provide power to your home. If there is any excess energy, it can be used to charge your battery, or it will be put back into the grid, which provides you with a credit on your energy bill.

The Grid

When your system ends up producing more energy than you use, either running appliances in your home, or charging your battery, the excess feeds back into your grid. If you find you don’t have enough solar energy to power your home, say on a dark and dreary day, you can use the electrical grid to supply your residential home with the energy you need.

solar energy advanced digital meter

Digital Meter

There are two types of digital meters that can be installed with your solar system These are:

Solar Smart Meter

This is a device that is installed on some systems that’s specific to the inverter. The smart meter allows you to have a full breakdown of what is going on with your electricity at your premises – described by our team as “full energy monitoring”. Without a smart meter, all you see is the solar produced, however by including the smart meter, you will see solar energy produced, along with electricity used by the premises and electricity exported to the grid in real-time.

Advanced Digital Meter (Net Metering)

The other type of meter is known officially as an Advanced Digital Meter (Net Metering), but this is what most people know as a smart meter. If you get solar on a premise that doesn’t currently have solar in South Australia, you’re required to get an Advanced Digital Meter. It measures, amongst other things, power usage as well as the amount of solar put back into the grid. Most electrical retailers have some type of app to show this information in half-hour breakdowns.

Hire the Experts in Solar Energy Installation

Now that you understand how solar energy is installed, you need a trusted team who can get the job done right! At Solar Energy Adelaide, we have years of experience in installing tailored solar systems into homes that meet your unique needs and budget. 

We use the latest tools and technologies to provide you with an end-to-end solar solution using high-quality products built to withstand harsh South Australian conditions. Our expert team will be there from the design stage right through to the installation and offer after sales repairs and maintenance services to ensure your solar energy system will last a lifetime and beyond. 

Give us a call today on 0458 957 309 and have a chat about your solar installations in Seaford.

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